In addition to amazing street art, check out what else is happening at Via Colori!

Hope's Closet of Kentucky Presents: Via Bambini Kids Zone

Hope’s Closet will be running Via Bambini for 2022. The proceeds of Via Bambini will go to benefit their charity.The kids zone will include a bounce house, games and lots more at affordable prices to meet any budget!

Hope’s Closet –

Started by Angela Bischoff and run with the help of Jen Mortenson, Hope’s Closet relies entirely on donations and volunteers to provide foster and adoptive children with clothing and other necessities free of charge.

Angela and Jen have created a place where foster kids and parents can shop for things they like and need without worry about judgment. There is no charge for these items and the entire shop is built on donations from the community.


Fossi Lou Balloons - Balloon Art!

“”Fossi Lou Balloons loves to twist up fun at any event. She offers fun and exciting balloon animals for all. While she of course can make you a classic balloon for or sword, she loves creating things that you’ve might not seen before! So what would you like her to make for you?! If she doesn’t know how to make it, she’s always willing to try, we just may need to use our imagination!”


Maker 13 STEM ZONE

Maker 13 has been providing amazing experiences for festival goers for years. With their immersive Maker trailer, festival attendees can delight in just the art of making! Maker13 is a community-based non-profit workshop that gives individuals and small businesses access to tools, training, and knowledge to create new ideas, start new businesses, create local art, and drive an interest in advanced manufacturing. Their 32ft mobile classroom and workshop acts as an onsite field trip for schools, fairs, club events, or even corporate gatherings. They strive to connect our community to organizations using maker equipment or advance manufacturing processes and potentially make employment connections.

Our Via Colori STEM zone will include – free Make and Take experiments and of course the Maker Mobile will be onsite doing amazing things!

Find out more here: Maker 13


Check in with our Via Colori Media Staff

Can’t make it to the festival – check our LIVE media coverage all weekend long on our FB page!
Friends, we would like to introduce the 2022 Via Colori Media Staff. These amazing reporters will be reporting LIVE throughout the festival for the whole weekend, giving you all the details on what is going on! We are so EXCITED to see what they do!!! Please welcome Eleanor and Tessa! Read on for more about them! If you see them reporting, give them a high five for being brave and awesome!
Hi, I’m Eleanor. I’m ten years old and in my second year of being a Junior Girl Scout. I love Girl Scouts because it’s a fun and inspiring way to make new friends. I want to be a published author by the time I’m sixteen. Girl Scouts is awesome!
Tessa is 11 years and a Cadette Girl Scout. Some of her favorite things about Girl Scouts are selling cookies, going to camp and serving her community through various service projects. A fun fact about Tessa, is that she loves to sing and play the guitar.

Galaxi Mermaid and Friends

Stop to see the Galaxi Mermaid and her friends at Via Colori. Galaxi is a photographer and a mermaid enthusiast who enjoys to bring people of all ages the enchantment and magic of mermaids. Photo opportunities will be available all weekend of Galaxi and her cosplaying mermaid friends.


Bluegrass Garrison - 501st Legion

The Bluegrass Garrison of the 501st Legion will be onsite at Via Colori this year to showcase all that they offer our communities! The Bluegrass Garrison of the 501st Legion executes the mission of the 501st Legion in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by supporting charitable causes, promoting volunteerism, aiding in non-profit fundraising activities, increasing the interest and excitement of the Star Wars “universe”, and providing fans, the general public, and our event hosts with an exceptional experience of what “bad guys doing good” means to our community.


Check out “bad guys doing good” here:


ShadowBrite Cosplay

Hi! My name is Jenn, aka ShadowBrite, and I am an avid cosplayer and crafter! Currently I’m mostly making resin art pieces, but I also hand sew small plush dragons, as well as make different cosplay accessories. Cosplay is a huge part of my life and I have nurtured a growing cosplay community dedicated to cos-positivity and inclusiveness. Cosplay has also been a life saver in terms of my own mental health and I strongly advocate Mental Health Awareness with my platform as a human, and as a cosplayer. So stop by, say hi, and take a look at my wares ^.^

FB: Shadowbrite Creations (group) and ShadowBrite Cosplay
IG: @shadowbritecosplay @shadowbriteresin


Louisville Anime Community

The Louisville Anime Community is a group for fans of all ages who appreciate Anime (Japanese animation) or manga, whether you’re new to the genre or an “oldy mouldy” who watched subtitled Beta tapes back in the day. We endeavour to connect people with similar tastes and expand on fun, safe, welcoming, awesome events where otaku (passionate fans) of all kinds can come together and celebrate their interests. In our first two years of operation, we have run over 100 events in the Louisville / Southern Indiana region, with many being free to attend. The Louisville Anime Community also publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter


LAC Facebook Page


Louisville League of Mascots

Our friends at the Louisville League of Mascots will be back on hand this fall to delight our festival attendees! We are super excited to welcome them back!


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