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2023 Via Colori Street Painting Artist Signups Now Open

The 15th annual Via Colori® Street Painting Festival will be held October 21, 2023 – October 22, 2023.

Via Colori® Kentucky strives to embrace the courage behind creativity. Street Painting continues to be a popular category of art all over the world and we want to showcase the amazing talents of all of our artists. The first recorded street-painting competition and ‘festival’ was held in London in 1906. Over a hundred years later, we are still creating amazing works of art, that though temporary, are no less beautiful than those created a century ago. The Via Colori® Street Painting Festival is the modern day version of a centuries-old tradition in which dozens of volunteer artists create large-scale pastel artworks directly on the pavement of our waterfront.

2023 Via Colori Street Painting Artist Signups ARE FULL for 2023

PLEASE EMAIL if you would like be placed on the artist waitlist!

Because our sponsors believe in supporting the arts, there is no charge for the artists, and materials are included.

Unfortunately there are no travel stipends for visiting artists at this time.


Via Colori® supports the efforts of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

By participating, the artist agrees to allow Via Colori to use photographs of them and of their finished and/or in-process work to be used for promotional purposes.

Street Painting Artists

Check out our 2023 Via Color Featured Artist Anthony Hall

Anthony says:

Hello, my name is Anthony Hall. I’m a tattoo artist who enjoys using my talents to give a bit of joy to others. I enjoy all different mediums of art. I’ve been doing art for Via Colori for 3 years and enjoy giving back to our communities through my artistic skill sets. I always do my best on each piece and enjoy bringing my personal influences and style to anything I do. I enjoy lots of different artistic disciplines, but drawing will always be my go-to. I believe Via Colori is important to our community by bringing a fresh view of artistry and creativity to all who participate. Every year I hear about how some people didn’t know they had so many talented artists in their community. I believe that art bridges divides that words cannot. Bringing art to the community can unite many groups who may have struggled to find mutual ground. Art is a language we can all speak, and its conversations are like no other.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to represent the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. As our towns and cities grow and diversify, it’s important to have all people’s voices heard. I believe Girl Scouts equips young women with the skills and knowledge to have a strong voice in their communities and pursue their chosen paths with integrity. I’m happy to be a part of a non-profit that nurtures Girl Scouts to their fullest potential. I hope my art assists the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana in helping others and brightening futures for our young Girl Scouts. Check out more of Anthony’s work here!


Check out all of our 2023 Via Color Street Painting Artists:

Brittany Abell

Tiarra Abell

Beth Baker

Clay Mata

2023 Featured Artist Anthony Hall

Elizabeth Niemczyk

Whitney Nowicke

Morgan Armendt

Summer Flora

Asia Jewell

Sa’Daya Smith

Mary Ward

Diego E. Najera

Monica Garst

Carmen Martin

Elsa Morales

Erica Jetter

Sandy Bailey

Breauna Snyder

Jen Whitfill Pruitt

Tristan Butler

Kayden Lewis

Tessa Traversa

Torre Traversa

Misty DeWitt

Sarah Horrar

Jessica Milburn

Amber West

Grace Murray

Sarah Shorter

Kayla Morgan

Whitney Creeden

Ashley Ostrihon

Kylie Granet

Nicholas Erskine

Katie Erskine

Isabella Robertson

Kevin Polston

Andrea Davis

Kelsi Haberman

Micah West

Ci’Vaughn Green

Parker Creeden

Maurichea Walker

Shane Thompson

Marzy Ziegler

Lisa Sandrowicz

Gerald Carter

Savannah Keene

Niki Babb

Susan Kelly

Faylynn Hughes

Evangeline Freeman

Jenna Faucheux

Shannon Neumann

Mary Harper Fallot

Skylar Adkins

Jamie Ruddock

Madison Gritton

Rivera Family

Aiden Eckenrode

Layla Grottenthaler

Brian Morris

Deja Fletcher

Renesha Watkins

Ciji Thurman

Sarah Tidwell

Sophie Skaggs

Kelly Anderson

GSK Troop 2129

Nyxus Siravo

Alejandra Corrales

Mariah Collins

Joel Nathan

Natalie W.

Shelby Hayes

Dustin Hughes

Jeffrey Walker

Hannah Elder

Lizzy Chiari

Peyton Medlock

Janis Kidd

Karrie Smith

Lindsey Pelley

Marsha Calkin

Girl Scout Troop 1220

Rylee Yack

Lexi Yack

Sierra Lowery

Hannah Stroud

Kristen Mullikin

Amanda Hoback

Tim O’Connell

Girl Scout Troop 3288

Girl Scout Troop 3288

Girl Scout Troop 3288

Jordan Fitzgerald

MaKenna Mitchell

Michaela Mattingly

Samantha Burcham

Carissa Walsh

Bailey Roman

Genevieve Eaton

Sophia Potts

Jazmine Winn

Sydnie Word

Emma RosaLee Thompson

Mila Johnson

Daisy Troop 3579

Henry Metzger

Sage Thomas

Emma RosaLee Thompson

Rose Powell

Alan Boeschel

Arawyn Stokes

Cheyeanne Warfield

Lilly Payton

Libby Mook

Prophecy Ink Artists: Travis, Phil, SaraBeth, Jonatan, Tevin, Bettty Pain, Cori

Ida’Lyne Miller

Khloe Brison

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Troop 55

Sponsor an Artist

Via Colori® offers you at least one advantage not found at other festivals. At most art shows, the public sees the sponsor’s name once. But, because Via Colori artists are creating the work on the pavement during the festival, it changes each time the public passes. People return again and again to mark the progress of the work in the process, they see your name and logo, denoting your contribution. Banners denoting your sponsorship will be prominently displayed above a painting sponsored by you! Your sponsorship will also be listed on our website, social media accounts and highlighted throughout the year.

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