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The 14th annual Via Colori® Street Painting Festival will be held October 15, 2022 – October 16, 2022.

Via Colori® Kentucky strives to embrace the courage behind creativity. Street Painting continues to be a popular category of art all over the world and we want to showcase the amazing talents of all of our artists. The first recorded street-painting competition and ‘festival’ was held in London in 1906. Over a hundred years later, we are still creating amazing works of art, that though temporary, are no less beautiful than those created a century ago. The Via Colori® Street Painting Festival is the modern day version of a centuries-old tradition in which dozens of volunteer artists create large-scale pastel artworks directly on the pavement of our waterfront.

Register to create a 4×4, 6×6 or 10×10 square on your own, with a partner or a group.

Registration for artists ends October 1, 2022.

Because our sponsors believe in supporting the arts, there is no charge for the artists, and materials are included.

ViaColori® supports the efforts of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

By participating, the artist agrees to allow Via Colori to use photographs of them and of their finished and/or in-process work to be used for promotional purposes.

2022 Street Painting Artists


Niki Babb

Niki Babb is a self made chalk artist in Louisville, KY. What started as a fun activity with her two young children has blossomed into a hobby she can take with her wherever she goes. During the height of the pandemic, chalking became her way to connect with her community and provide hope, joy and beauty. Neighborhood parks and city sidewalks have been chalk canvases over the last few years. Learn more about her wok here: Babb Art Designs

Christina Gutowski

Hellooooo, Internet user. My name is Christina and I probably have glue on my hands. You see, I’m always making something. Growing up in Louisville, KY, I learned the value of art and self-expression. I find inspiration in the strangest little things. Via Colori is such a wonderful event and I’m so excited to participate in it once again. Find Christina on Instagram and TikTok

Christina will also have a booth at Via Colori 2022!

Ashley Nash

I’m Ash! I work as a paint instructor at Whet Your Palette the art house in Anchorage! I am in the final stages of my elementary art education degree (woo hooooo!) I spend most of my time creating at work or home and vending for festivals and shows. I typically stick to canvas or clothing but I’m a fan of all mediums! I have been immersed in the world of art for as long as I can remember and have manifested my dreams of doing it for a living. Art is what makes us human..from the beginning of time, we as a species, have had the ability to create and that is special.

@_chincatculture_ (Instagram) @aashley_nicholee (Instagram)

Rivera Family

We are the Rivera Family. Tesia (the dad) has been a girl scout for over 30 years. Ray Sr is not a afraid to say he is Man enough to be a Girl Scout and has been one for 13 years. Tasia is 18 and just bridged to Adult girl scout. She also has earned her Girl Scout Gold Award. Moto is Tasia’s seizure alert dog. He looks super cute but takes his job very serious. Rianna is 16 and is working toward her Girl Scout Gold award and well as her second year in college. Raelyn is 14 years old and has earned her Girl Scout Silver award. She also loves training her dogs. Ray Jr wishes he could be a girl scout but is just as happy to tag a long and have a good time. He loves to dance and his favorite is Ballet. Last year was our first year coloring for Via Colori and loved every min of it. We have learned lots of new tricks and are excited to do our next piece.

Tiffany and Sierra Lowery

I’m a mom and me and my daughter love art and music 🎶 We attended last year while we were on a trip in Louisville and decided to join this year!

Ci’Vaughn Green

Ci’Vaughn is a 29 year old oil and acrylic painter ,his main paintings subjects are women and Cartoons (from his own head or what we grew up with) has been an artist since he was little but after graduating from Bellarmine with a bachelor in art minor in psychology he created Who don’t love art in 2017 and been riding the art wave since. Check out Ci’Vaughn’s work here : WhodontLoveArt or Whodont_Lovegreen on Instagram 

Kayla Morgan

I’m Kayla Morgan , An African American female artist from the west end of Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve been creating Art since I was 9 years old. Currently my medium is acrylic paint on stretched canvas. I use painting as a tool to express all the beautiful aspects of a black life, including tragedy, love, fashion and history. I believe more light should be shown on these subjects to help grow and guide our youth. Art always been a great passion of mine and I am grateful that I can say, I have a carer as in artist. My goal as a artist is to use my craft to bring joy, love, and understanding in my own community. Check out Kayla’s work here: Instagram: @BlossomingBrownskin Facebook: Kayla Morgan

Karrie Smith

My name is Karrie Smith. I am from Bardstown. I come from a long line of artists. I have been doing Via Colori for 7 years now.

Carmen Martin

My name is Carmen Martin and I’m a 15 yr old artist and entrepreneur. I have been making art all my life and selling it for the last 3 yrs. Art is my passion and I love to create different peices threw different mediums. I’m excited to try chalk as a new medium to create something magical and beautiful.

Ivann Garc

Ivann Garc is considered among the best 3D realistic artists in Mexico & USA and his level is among the best in the world, his name is still growing but there is no doubt that his quality is world class. Not only does he handle 2D art with astonishing expressionist realism, he has also perfected the anamorphic art form, creating interactive 3D illusions with stunning detail and realism that wows crowds. With such a versatile set of artistic skills, he is now sought after by chalk festivals, fine arts museums, murals, or for commercial spaces as well. His favorite part about public art creation is seeing children but people in general and knowing they can be inspired by his work as he once was inspired by Bob Ross. He hopes to continue to have the opportunity to bring a little color to the society of the world. Check him out at

Jen Whitfill Pruitt

I have been an Artist at Via Colori in Kentucky for 13 of the 14 years. Art has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. I specialize in portraits. Graphite Pencil and painting and Even have a great love of photography. During my downtime, I am a mom of 2 and a Neurodivergancy advocate. Learn more about Jen here : 

Misty DeWitt

I love animals, art, music, food and laughing. I share a house full of love and critters with my hubs Aaron, where we watch a lot of movies and play with pups and cats. My mother instilled a great appreciation of art early on, and we have enjoyed Via many years together in the past. I’m no pro, but I love spilling my thoughts onto paper, or in this case sidewalk!

Kristen Mullikin

This is my fifth year participating in Via! This is an event I look forward to every year, and this year is no exception.

I’ve been dabbling in all mediums of art over 20 years. No I’m certainly not a professional, but it is something I am passionate about. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work!

Sandy Bailey

Life long amateur artist, I missed the last few years of Via while caring for my father. I look forward to coming back

Steve-O Shephard

My name is Steve-O Shephard, I am a professional special effects makeup & Body paint artist, set designer, prop designer, 3D designer, sculptor, master airbrush artist located in Louisville, Ky. I have been doing fx makeup and set design freenlance and haunted attractions since 2001. I am experienced with latex, foam latex, silicone, prosthetic application, sculpting 3D design, prothesis molding, prop design, I specialize in airbrush make-up application and art. I am great under pressure and enjoy a challenge. It’s been my life dream to be able to make a living doing make-up and body paint for film and television. And now I live the dream – Find More about Steve-O here: YouBecomeTheArt/

Molli Smothers

i like to draw, have been apart of via colori for 3-4 years now, and i enjoy walking around and seeing the vendors!

Micah West

I’m a self taught artist who loves anything nerdy. Video games and Anime are my specialty! I love doing this every year. Seeing all the happy kids really makes it worth it. Learn more about Micah here: 

Jessica OBryan

This is my 6th yr as an Artist. Both of my daughters now participate either as artist vendors or both. I am the owner/Operator of Mad-Hatter Café and More in Bardstown, Ky Healthy option Cafe with all organic, Regular, Gluten-free, Alpa-Gal and Keto options. Everything in the store is Handcrafted by someone and is for sale! Learn more about Jessica through Mad-Hatter Cafe’ & More LLC

Whitney Creeden

I am a married mom of three who works full-time in pathology for Norton Healthcare, which means I sleep about four hrs a day. I have always loved art and used it as a creative outlet for how I’m feeling and helps me de-stress. I see art and possibilities in everything around me. Find out more about Whitney here :IG: @soaring172 

Jacob Thomas

This is my fifth via colori, I’m a recent grad from UofL and am currently working as a structural engineer. I love working in chalk because you get to work outside in a medium that very fun to use

Patricia Hamilton

Have enjoyed participating in this event over the past few years and just a local self-taught artist who enjoys making people smile with what I draw. No matter who the event benefits it is a great weekend to come out and enjoy local art and community.

Jaci Benningfield

My mother first got involved years ago whenever it first started. She would always take us with her and we met so many amazing people and admired all of their art. For the past few years my sister and I have also been involved and we love doing it.

Cayla Brzoska

Cayla is a senior at North Hardin High School. She is a member or the art club, Japanese club, Beta club, and enjoys helping with theatre events at The PAC and EPAC. This is her fourth year as a Via Colori artist. She is planning on a career as a special effects make up artist or forensic psychologist. Learn more about Cayla here:

Jessi Sommerville

Hi! My Name is Jessi (Twin Telepathy Art)~ I am a local, self taught artist and this will be my second year participating in Via Colori! Last year I had a blast! I love seeing so many artists come together and celebrate by doing something we love! Find out more about Jessi here: Instagram:

Katrina Pepper

This will be my 4th year as an artist at Via Colori. Im a self taught artist, and while my preferred medium is usually pencil, I love branching out and experimenting with new things.

Lilith Zimmerman

My name is Lilith (they/them) and while my mom has been an artist for several years, this will be my first time participating, and I’m so excited to become a part of the Via Colori family!

Beth Baker

Beth Baker was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She currently works full time, coaches soccer and does photography for fun with her best friend. She finds her inspiration through her super creative 6 year old.

Jasmine Grice

I have been participating in chalk art events since 2016 and love getting to create large pieces of art for festivals. I also enjoy gardening, reading, and crocheting!

Ashley Ostrihon

Hello! My name is Ashley Ostrihon, I am 21 years old and from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. My artwork is inspired by stained glass and mosaic designs! I commonly paint nature, including plants, animals, and fungi. My usual medium is paint, but I like to do Via Colori every year that I’m able to. I am also a fifth generation Pysankarka, which is the art of painting Ukrainian Easter eggs (also called Pysanky). I am looking forward to being at Via Colori again this year!

Jamie Ruddock

I be who I want to be. Myself as who I am. I’m not perfect but I’m unique in my own special way.

Allexis Hendren

Hey it’s Lexi! I’m a Tattoo Artist at Ink and Skin Studios in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Although I tattoo full time, I still enjoy many different art mediums. As a new mom of my beautiful daughter Willow, I have recently picked up chalk as a fun way for us to create together and I hope for this to become a tradition for us. Art has always been a passion of mine and a great escape. Created to Create I like to say. So excited to see all the amazing work at this years event. Love and Light! : You can find out more about Lexi here – Instagram: @lex_tatt

Joel Nathan

Joel Nathan is performing sidewalk chalk artist from Columbia, SC. When he isn’t traveling to either Tennessee, Florida, or California for festivals – he does chalk work locally for Regal Theatres, The Colonial Life Arena, or conventions. Find out more – @masterjoelnathan on FB, Instagram, Tik Tok

Kevin Polston

Kevin Polston found his passion for art early in life. He usually focuses on portraiture, birds and things that exist in real life; although some make believe slips in from time to time. He honed his skills in art and obtained his BFA from Northwest College of Art and Design near Seattle. Find out more here:

Morgan Glendenning

My name is Morgan Glendenning. I am 25 years old and a mother of a handsome 2 year old. I just recently started drawing with chalk and found a talent I never knew I had! I am a full time travel phlebotomist and starting college again in 2023 for Sonography!

Layla Grottenhaler

Layla is a 14 year old student at the Kentucky School for the Blind. She was born with a neurological disorder called Septo-Optic Dysplasia. She is completely blind in one eye and low vision in the other. This condition however, does not effect her love for drawing or Sonic the Hedgehog!!! She loves to draw Sonic and create new original characters (a.k.a. “OC’s”) daily. When she’s not drawing or creating 3D animations she loves to listen to music, sing, swing and play the piano!! Layla is also a varsity cheerleader and swimmer for her school. She is a self- taught artist and highly motivated to improve all of her skills. She aspires to have a YouTube channel one day and possibly create cartoons in the future.

Olivia Jenkins

Hello! My name is Olivia Jenkins, also known as The Banojee online. I hope my art makes you happy! Find out more here: The Banojee on Instagram and is my website

Parker Creedon

I am going to be a freshman at Manual HS and YPAS this fall for Visual Arts and music. I’ve been involved with LVA for many years now. Some of my work has been noticed by Disney marketing and famous illustrators. I enjoy all mediums and hope to one day work in character development for Pixar. Find out more here: IG: @thepeej07

Hailey Washington

I am a 12 year old 7th grader at Grace James Academy. I am a competitive All Star cheerleader. I love entrepreneurship. When I am not in the gym, I am running my 2 businesses, making spa products for A little Serenity and mixing it up on the turn tables as DJ Royal.

Camilla Powell

My name is Camilla, my favorite thing to do is make art. I love to travel and learn new things, and I am starting sixth grade.

2022 FEATURED ARTIST: Gail Raderer

In addition to raising her four beautiful children with her husband of 22 years; creating art, beautiful spaces, producing events and volunteering with humor are Gails life design. Find out More: Raderer Spirit on Facebook

Breanna Greenwell

My name is Bre. I love animals, making things and vegan food. I’ve been married for three years and I’m a mom of an eight year old. I work in HR and this is my 5th year doing Via Colori.

Amanda Hoback

I do this because I enjoy it. Find out more here: Website: / Instagram: @aikenroadarts

Whitney Weferling

Whitney is going to be an 8th grader at North Oldham Middle School this year. She is active in Girl Scouts and is currently working on her Silver Award project. Whitney also enjoys being on her school’s archery and volleyball teams, she enjoys drawing and photography.

Caryn Weferling

Caryn is a Girl Scout Troop Leader for Troop 1626, a wife, mom of two teenagers, occupational therapist, compliance director, archery coach, and PTA President for her daughter’s school. In her spare time, she likes to…she has no spare time. :)

Summer Gray

I am a thirteen year old girl and I love animals and music.🎵

Paige Lee

I’m a 34 year old artist, mom and cosmetologist. I’ve been living outside of Louisville for the last 10 years. I’ve missed this little city and all the creative life it has to offer. I’m excited to participate in Via Colori this year and be inspired by all the other amazing art work. Find out more here: @knottiebaubles (Instagram)

Sam Cooney

Husband, father, maker.

Jeffrey Walker

I love art in all forms. I mostly use pencil or oil paint for creation. I also love creating music and video productions. This will be my 8th Via Colori along with my sister Karie. Find out more here:

Shannon Neumann

My Name is Shannon Neumann from Nashville TN. I’m Executive Assistant by day, Cake Baker by night and a 24/7- 365 first and foremost mom to two little boys, 7 cat and 7 dogs.Find out more here: IG Crippledcreature

Janis Kidd

My daughters and I will be hosting a community participation art square.

Peyton Medlock

Patricia Kidd

Maryam Elbaz

Show your inner art. Find out more here: Instagram – @maryamelbazart

Debra Adams

I’m just your everyday sort of person who enjoys seeing people live their best lives and hoping to make the world a bit better by the moment. Find out more here:

Arieanna Washington

Areianna, is an upcoming Freshman studying Math, Science, Technology (MST at Manual High School with a love for art. They’ve been creating art for many years, including, drawing, dance, and story writing. In spare time, you can typically find them participating dance or brainstorming ideas for the next DnD session.

Grace Holbrook-Elkins

To say that we are excited about our sixth year with the Via Colori family. Experiencing this part of the art community and seeing all of the great people come together is a “must see”.

Art has been a huge part of my life since high school. I cannot imagine my life without it and I am fortunate enough to say that I do what I love for a living now. Something magical happens any time I can dive in the artistic world, any medium and I’m in my happy place.

Mary Ward

I’m a chalk artist from Knoxville, TN! I’ve been doing chalk for 8 years now :)

Andrew Cobbs

I enjoy music friends and scouts. I just wanted to join in the fun and do some art!

Kylie Cobbs

I love art and all mediums of art! And also video games as well. I am super excited to join all the other artists!

Margaret White

I am a young digital artist and animator. I also enjoy working with clay, painting, and drawing. – Find out more here:

Courtney Campbell

Tattoo artist in Somerset Ky
Black eyed Sundays Tattoos and piercings- Find our more here: Instagram : @courtsdoestattoos

Butler Margarits

l have done just a few festivals. Lewisville, forthworth, Carrollton . Arlington all them in Texas!!

Ashley Ross

Hello my name is Ashley
This will be my first year here I’m super excited 😊
I just completed my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist
Art has been a big part of my life to help me over come the hardships I’ve endured in life. Find out more here: @artsy_aj_92 on Instagram

Nikki Troxle

I’m a veteran Via Colori artist – been with the local festival since it began

Piper Duncan

Hi my name is Piper and I’m a Junior level Girl Scout with troop 288! I’m super excited to participate in Via Calori this year with the help of my trusty assistant, who I call Dad!

Hannah Stroud

Hannah Stroud is a Senior Girl Scout from southern Indiana. She loves all things art related! Her main media form is Digital Art.
Follow on Instagram at starstruck_vixen

Anna Burnham

My favorite thing to draw is flowers!

Sonia Summers

Sonia J. Summers is a traditional artist based out of Knoxville, TN. She focuses on landscapes and portraits and blends hiking with painting en plein air (on-site). Her sidewalk chalk style varies between classical Madonnari art and more modern or pop culture subjects. She has chalked professionally and competitively across the southeast in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, and looks forward to chalking for the first time in Kentucky. Find out more:

Carissa Walsh

Hey I’m Carissa! I’m 13 and in the 8th grade. I have a passion for art that I have had since I was a little kid because you can create stories through art. I feel like it is much easier to express your feelings in pictures rather than words. I really like to sketch and use watercolor paints! Someday I want to get an art degree and teach middle and high school kids to love art as much as I do.

Ella Stroud

Ella Stroud is a Cadette Girl Scout from southern Indiana. She loves art and music!

Ai Marie Shiga

I am a Cadette Girl Scout from southern Indiana. I love all things related to art.

April Guelda

April Guelda, born and raised in Louisville. I’m a dental assistant and on the side photographer that dabbles into art every now and then! I did my first ever

Rylee Yack

My name is Rylee and I am a teenager who enjoys all things arts and crafts. The two main things I love to do are create art and dance. I’ve always wanted to be a good artist. I spend most of my time trying to make beautiful things out of ordinary things.

Lexi Yack

I’m Lexi and I’m 9 years old. I love abstract art. My favorite book is The Dot. I love editing selfies. I love to draw hearts. I love to play with my friends.

Scott’s Family

Greetings, our daughter Stella and Us would love to participate and start a family tradition . She was born during the pandemic and she has developed so much love for painting with me. I (Wife) used to paint back in high school but my career took me to a different path and after the pandemic I starred painting again. My daughter Stella brought back that love for portraying special moments and not only ours but everyone’s . My husband and I opened a small family business called Scott’s Art on Canvas and is so rewarding to be able to paint and create beautiful moments for so many people .Find out more here: Facebook: ScottsArtonCanvas

Anthony Hall

Hello, My name is Anthony Hall. I’m a tattoo artist who enjoys all different mediums of art. I’ve been doing art for Via Colori for 3 years and enjoy giving back to our communities through my artistic skill sets. I always do my best on each piece and enjoy bringing my personal influences and style to anything I do. Find out more here:

Breauna Snyder

Just a 24 year old trying to be the happiest me I can be.

Sponsor an Artist

Via Colori® offers you at least one advantage not found at other festivals. At most art shows, the public sees the sponsor’s name once. But, because Via Colori artists are creating the work on the pavement during the festival, it changes each time the public passes. People return again and again to mark the progress of the work in the process, they see your name and logo, denoting your contribution. Banners denoting your sponsorship will be prominently displayed above a painting sponsored by you! Your sponsorship will also be listed on our website, social media accounts and highlighted throughout the year.

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