Welcome to the Ice Cream Truck!

A few years ago, I was honored to be the featured artist at Via Colori Kentucky. One of the tasks that aligns itself with this great recognition is introducing yourself by the written word to the public who will be visiting Via Colori. It is no secret to those who know me that I love ice cream. In my introduction as featured artist, I declared that “I’m here for the ice cream!”. I still am. For me, ice cream at Via represents that sense of wonder and happiness at something that looks delicious (the ice cream/chalk art) and the joy in bringing that wonder and happiness to the world (the ice cream giver/chalk artist). As a chalk artist, the biggest reward for me has always been the reaction of the children. Like an ice cream truck driver, you look forward to their smiles and excitement at what you are presenting to them. You can sometimes hear their excitement a block away. And they are always ready to tell you about their favorite flavor.

So join me while I pull up my ice cream truck and introduce you to the flavors and people that will be part of Via Colori Kentucky 2017. Insert ice cream truck music here…..

My first artist is a young woman who is new to Via Colori and new to the chalk medium itself. Via will be the first time she has ever attempted any form of street art. Her name is Shavante Hanley and I met her at a former employer. Shavante currently lives in Louisville with her young son, and it was her love of anime that inspired me to introduce her to Via Colori.

I fired off some questions to Shavante so you could get to know her and I even learned something new myself: mac and cheese is a crayon color name! Who knew? Shavante is not sure what to make of Via Colori yet, but the following questions are both serious and silly and I encouraged her to answer them however she wished.

1. What is your favorite flavor ice cream? “Mint Chocolate Chip.”

2. How old were you when you first realized you had some form of artistic talent? “I traced a lot.”

3. Where did you grow up? “New York.”

4. What is your favorite medium to work with? “Pencil and Markers.”

5. If money were no object, what would you like to be? “Comic book artist/game designer.”

6. Do you put your left sock on first or your right? “Depends on how I feel that day.”

7. What mythical creature would you want as a traveling companion? “A fire-breathing dragon with wings and the power to lend me powers. Or Goku and the Dragon Ball Z dragon.”

8. Do you have a drawing or work of art planned for Via? “No.”

9. What is your favorite color crayon? “Mac and cheese.”

10. What is your fondest art memory? “When I finally learned to draw free-hand and not trace.”

Be sure to visit Shavente at Via and welcome her to her first Street Painting Festival as a new artist. We are excited to have her as part of our family!