Via Colori Kentucky 2017 Featured Artist Joe Mahley

Where Dragons eat free and people answer tasty questions.

Can someone tell me who invented the Hokie Pokie? Seriously. I have not punched that question into Google or asked Siri, so I really do need to know. Provided that person is still alive, I would like to shake their hand. The Hokie Pokie was the first social dance activity I remember participating in as a kid. It was the first time I clearly remember not feeling like the geek in a room full of people. And I did it in roller skates! Just me and a bunch of strangers standing in a circle shaking our things all about, trying not to fall on our butts. Good times, good times. But what if the Hokie Pokie IS what it’s all about? What then? Are we only as good as our shaking skills? What if we turn around in the wrong direction? There’s no real clear instructions on that part. But still……I cannot recall a single bad memory from the Hokie Pokie dance. Now disco…that’s another story.

But today we are going to get to know a man who has had some very interesting things occur in his life. Unfortunately, I did not ask him about his Hokie Pokie skills. I know, I know. I should have. But he has this really cool puppy and we got to talking shop about chalking and I was totally distracted. I did, however, remember to ask him about his favorite flavor of ice cream. Check it out below. Oh, and Google this person. He has some killer photography skills too! Today, my friends, we are chatting with the Featured Artist for the 2017 Via Colori Kentucky…..Joe Mahley.

1. Where are you originally from? Lockport, NY area, located in western New York state. I grew up in the town next to it, Middleport.

2. What brought you to Kentucky? My wife’s job and fear of the cold. In January, 2014, the temperature got as low as -20!

3. What mystical creature would you like to travel with? A talking dog, because it would be cool to talk to another non-human being.

4.. Who, or what, is your favorite super hero? The Wolverine.

5. How do we know Humpty Dumpty was an egg? Let me Google that.

6. What is your go-to chalk color? A blend of skin tones.

7. What is the one tool or accessory you cannot chalk without? My garden stool.

8. Do you put on your left sock or your right sock first? No preference, really.

9. What is your favorite brand of chalk? Prank Freart. The colors are amazingly rich.

10. What was your first chalk event? Lockport, NY 5 years ago. I did a mythology piece, “The Abduction of Psyche”.

11. When people ask you why you chalk, what do you usually tell them? I do it for the people, the crowds and the various causes each event supports.

12. If you were a cloud, what shape would you be? Fog.

13. Which color chalk tastes the best? Pink

14. What is the furthest you have travelled for a chalk event and what did you learn from it? When I lived in New York, it was Florida. What I learned was how to make a great Pina Colada!

15. If you had 6 paint brushes and milk is $2 a gallon, how much rain does Texas get in 1 hour on a Sunday? What time on Sunday? Are the bristles on the brushes natural or synthetic?

16. What has been your favorite chalk piece you have crated so far? The piece I did last year in Lockport of Ava, a young woman who has modeled for me a few times. Most of the chalk pieces I create are from my own photographs.

17. What is the strangest comment you have heard while chalking? “What happens when it rains?”.

18. What is your favorite hobby? Video Games. My favorite video game currently is Minecraft.

19. What/when was your most recent family fun day? Visiting family in New York. It wa s great summer day….dinner in the back yard, hanging out at the pond, playing a game of 4-square. Loved it.

20. What would your pets chalk if they did a piece about you? The dog would chalk me sitting at the computer playing video games. The cat would chalk me watching Netflix.

21. And finally….and most importanly, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla.