Via Colori 2018!!

Greetings, Via Colori 2018!
We are excited to be back in action with the Ice Cream Truck with interesting stories, whimsical and thought-provoking interviews and Ice Cream for everyone!

To start 2018 off, I spoke with one of the youngest artists from 2017 and her sister. When I was their age, I was on the cusp of being torn away from my biological family. My favorite animals were dinasaurs (kinda still are), my favorite color was purple (yep, still is), I did not draw a lot but I did doodle, my favorite ice cream was Blue Moon, my favorite crayon was blue-green (or was it green-blue?), and I sucked at math (some things never change).

When I was 10, I put a stop to an important abusive situtation. I learned the value (even if only for a brief time) of the word “no”. I had no idea the impact that action would have down the road.
When I was 11, I lost my family. Most importanly, my younger siblings. There were 3 of us and we were separated by foster care and adoption. That is a bond you never truly get back after a long separation.

My interview subjects for this installment of The Ice Cream Truck are a couple of young sisters (ages 10 & 11), who were adopted as infants and were able to stay together. They have been to Via a couple of times but 2017 was the first year they participated. The interview took place on a school night so it was rather short. I learned 2 things: I did not understand why they thought some of their answers were funny, and they did not understand why I thought some of my questions were funny. But we got to bed on time, so that’s all that matters.
So here you are…….the short interview of Amy and Ley!

1. What do you like most about Via Colori?
a. A: Doing the drawing and people looking at it.
b. L: Going to the food places.
2. AMY, what did you draw and why? Do you like to do other art? If so, what is your favorite
a. AMY: I drew a Unicorn because I really like unicorns and I always have. They are magical
and since Via Colori raises money for foster care I thought that was magical.
b. Yes. I like doing animals….also flowers and portraits.
3. LEA, what would you draw at Via? What activity would you like to see at Via?
a. LEY: A Minion and a Bear. I would like to see a Slime-making competition or an eating Cookies-n- Crème Ice Cream competition.
4. What is your favorite color?
a. A: Sky Blue but it used to be pink.
b. L: Purple. Just plain old purple.
5. If 3 Bears eat 7 lemons and their shoes are untied, where does the pigeon bury its French Horn?
a. L: In my opinion I think it’s in the middle of the ground.
b. A: In MY opinion, it would be inside the shoe.
6. Your favorite color crayon?
a. A: macaroni and cheese
b. L: the one not invented yet.
7. Which do you put on first, your left or right sock?
a. L: I don’t know, who keeps track?
b. A: Right since I write with my right hand.
8. Your most embarrassing moment?
a. A: Punching and throwing a pillow in my sleep and my grandma and mom seeing it

9. What would you ask a Via Colori artist?
a. A: Why did they choose their image?
L: To help my make mine better.

10. Does a Lumberjack punch a Bear or does a Bear punch a Lumberjack? Why?
a. A and L: Bear punches a Lumberjack.
b. L: Because it is way stronger and can kill the Lumberjack.
c. A: Because the Bear always makes the first move.
11. If you had a mythical or magical creature/person, what would it be, why, and what would you
a. L: A Pegasus. Because it can fly. Fly and eat ice cream.
b. A: I would choose a dragon even though I really like unicorns more. Because its like
riding something you’ve never ridden before and its something you can mark off your
bucket list. We would roam around the world and learn how to speak each others’

12. Do you have any questions for me?
a. L: Why did you do Count Dracula the Vampire and how?

i. Me: I did “Count Dracula the Vampire” because it was a local actor in a popular
local play and the image was very striking. How? Why, magic, of course! I’m cool
like that.
B. A: How do you feel about Via Colori, like how does it make you feel when you are
done with it and how did you find out about it?
Me: I feel like I have completed something meaningful in various ways.
And….there is always the ice cream aspect (an inside joke of sorts about why I
participate in Via – a past event where I heard “Wow, look at that!” and “Where’s the
ice cream?” from lots of small people).
I found out about Via through Dusty back in the day when she found me as an
artist on Louisville Mojo and talked me into chalking up the street in Etown. I’ve been
hooked since then.

13. What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
a. L: Chocolate and Vanilla.
b. A: Vanilla Bean.