Louisville is ROCKIN with the newest festival!


Feb. 22, 2017


Dusty June Siravo


The Rocks are COMING!!

Ever heard of rocks? Yeah, rocks, those hard gray things you find in your yard from time to time. You probably haven’t give rocks much thought, and they probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the street painting festival Via Colori, which is moving to Louisville for it’s 10th year.

One of the many advantages to relocating Via Colori to Louisville is more space and thus the ability to involve more artists. Not all artists work in traditional mediums, and of course Via Colori highlights and celebrates that, but some artists go even further, taking something mundane and turning it into a hidden gem. That’s why Via Colori is delighted to welcome #502Rocks to the scene!

The #502Rocks group, the first of its kind in Louisville, has been painting and hiding rocks all around town for the past year. If you’ve ever found a rock that was way more than an ordinary rock tucked away, you’ve found one of the group’s contributions to the Louisville art scene.

Gathering just under a thousand artists since last summer, #502Rocks continues to grow, and it excited to be part of Via Colori. When asked what she is most looking forward to at Via Colori, the group’s found, Helen Wray says “I’m looking forward to the rock painting booth. Creating is much more fun when you do it together! As a group, I think we are most excited about hiding rocks at the event; they are like little treasures, and we are fortunate to have a very talented (and selfless) group who like to bless people. The thrill of giving is addicting! We’re also looking forward to growing our #502ROCKS community. The more the merrier!”

Creating IS much more fun when you do it together, and that really sentiment really captures the spirit of Via Colori! You can visit the #502Rocks booth during the festival, or join the group now. Ms. Wray wants people to know that “Firstly, ANYONE can participate. Any age, any ability, any demographic. We have an incredibly diverse and welcoming group and our members are from all over Louisville (even some across the bridge). Secondly, giving is thrilling. There’s a rush that comes with painting a rock that has an unknown destiny; all you know is someone will find your rock and be blessed by it. It is incredibly rewarding it is to give generously, and it’s something I wish everyone could experience.”

For more information about rock painting, please visit the #502Rocks Facebook page. To learn more about Via Colori, visit http://www.viacolorikentucky.com/