Tom King

Greetings, my fellow ice cream lovers! I am back with another installment of this as-of-yet-named Ice Cream Truck Blog. Or, maybe THAT is the name. If anyone has brilliant ideas I am totally ready to hear them. If I choose your idea I will give you a FREE GALLON of your choice of ice cream!

And speaking of free ice cream, my first stop with the ice cream truck this week is in a neighborhood just outside Via Colori. But it is worth a visit, so follow along for just a minute.

We are visiting a neighborhood where someone who calls himself “Greenbob99” lives. I was driving through Google looking for inspiration for an ice cream truck drawing for this blog and came across the perfect photo. You see, Greenbob99 is a member of a website I never knew existed but will be registering for ASAP. It’s called Drawception. Right now I have no idea exactly how it works, only that Greenbob99 created my perfect ice cream truck there. It contains my 3 favorite things: ice cream, dragons and the color purple. And the best part? Dragons eat for free! Brilliant, right? I know. So this week, my blog logo/photo/icon…whatever, is a purple ice cream truck giving free ice cream to dragons. I love you, Greenbob99.

Now, on to our next stop. It’s hard to top a purple ice cream truck feeding dragons for free, but we will give it a go.

On my next stop today we are going to meet Tom King. Tom grew up in Jeffersonville, Indiana but now lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. He is a very smart man, as you will see from some of his answers to my questions below, but Tom is also a very giving and kind man. Tom is passionate about wildlife, his life, his town, and rescuing animals. This year, Tom is a fundraising Guru for Via Colori Kentucky. But every year, Tom is just plain amazing. See for yourself…..

1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now? What do you enjoy most about where you live now? I grew up in Jeffersonville, Indiana and now live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I enjoy and love the area I live in in Etown. I’m on a 60-acre farm with my 3 dogs and 2 horses.

2. What do you do for a living and why? I am on the disabled list with the work force. In 2009 I was bitten by a tick and was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It almost killed me twice. I can’t just sit around and do nothing so I volunteer for different places to keep myself busy. I do have to take it easy sometimes because of the problem I have, but I know my limits.

3. If money were no object, what passion would you pursue? I would love to pursue photography. I love being outdoors and taking photos of wildlife.

4. If I have 6 Pandas and 1 gallon of carrot juice, when would my Aunt arrive in Paris? If you had 6 Pandas and one gallon of carrot juice I’m sure your Aunt would make it to Paris when the plane landed.

5. If your pets were doing a chalk piece of you, what would it look like? I wouldn’t care what it looked like because I would be rich because my pets were able to draw!

6. What is your role in this year’s Via Colori? To help with donations from different locations that are able to donate to Via, and to help with fundraisers/auctions and photography.

7. How did you get involved with Via and when? I got involved by saying I wanted to help. Everyone involved with Via is so awesome and friendly. I’ve seen the event the last couple of years in Etown and it looked like such fun, plus I like what it supports. This will be my first year being involved with Via and I am so excited to be part of it.

8. If you could wave a magic wand once, what would you change? I believe I would wave it and make the world a place where everyone got along and with no fighting or killing each other. WORLD PEACE.

9. Do you have a favorite super hero? If so, who is it and why? I do have a favorite Super Hero. I have always been a big fan of Superman because many, many years ago when I was just a wee Lad, we didn’t have that many options on TV. We only had 3 channels on the tube and every Saturday I would sit in front of our TV and watch Superman save the world.

10. What is your favorite color crayon? Blue.

11. Do you put your left sock on first, or your right? Now that you have brought up the question, I know it’s my right foot.

12. How do we know Humpty Dumpty was an egg? It’s always been public that Humpty Dumpty was an egg because of the way all the Kings horses and all the Kings men scrambled to put him back together again (true story).

13. Most importantly, what is your favorite flavor ice cream? My favorite ice cream is free ice cream. It don’t get any better than that!

See? Smart man, right? And also a fan of free ice cream. I bet Tom and Greenbob99 would get along famously. Thanks, Tom, for helping me introduce you to the Via world! I asked Tom to include some photos of himself and/or his life and added a special request of a photo of Tom and his buddy Duke, a German Shepherd. Until next time, ice cream kids….enjoy!

~Amanda Miller Hoback