Street Art - October 15 & 16, 2022

Street Painting

You can see the artwork from space!!

Via Colori is a celebration of art. Over 150 artists from across the country and around the globe come together each year to create large scale chalk paintings along the Ohio River on the Big Four Bridge Lawn of the Louisville Waterfront.

We will have hundreds of artists, community organizers, vendors, and other partners come together for one of the most creative festivals in Kentucky.

Feeling creative? You can become an artist at the festival. Sign up and join us at the Big Four Bridge Lawn at Louisville’s Waterfront Park from October 15 & 16 2022 for an amazing street festival!

Artist Sign Up

Introducing our 2021 Via Colori Featured Artist: Jaylin Stewart


At the age of 25, Jaylin Stewart is a prolific artist, the founder of a non-profit, an educator, and a community role model recognized with awards and accolades. Her work ranges from painting, murals, mixed media, chalk, to installation and performance, through which she often examines racial equality, social justice, the effects of gun violence and more. In 2020, she garnered attention for her sidewalk chalk murals of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently completed a chalk mural at KMAC Museum. Stewart's most recent Installation featured a projection on Louisville Metro Hall featuring a painting entitled “Say Her Name, See Her Face (Justice for Breonna Taylor)”. In August of 2019, her installation GOD REST AMERICA converted the white-walled garage space at Sheherazade into a growing memorial, modeled after the kind of street-side memorials often created by community members at sites of violence. Stewart provides free art education to thousands of disadvantaged youth through her nonprofit Adah School of Art.

Check out our amazing 2021 street painting artists!

  • Debra Adams
  • Jaci Benningfield
  • Jessica O'Bryan
  • Jaylin Stewart
  • Robert Vaughan
  • Sean Harrington
  • Cassandra Calkin
  • Aislin Hair
  • Ashley Ostrihon
  • Kaithlyn Holbrook Elkins
  • Kristin Mullikin
  • Karrie Smith
  • Ariadne Favazza
  • Amanda Miller Hoback
  • Anthony Hall
  • Matthew May
  • Amie Villiger Harris
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Nikki Troxle
  • Micah West
  • Sydnie Word
  • April Bell
  • Breauna Snyder
  • Jack Scally
  • Athena Prychodko
  • Kevin Polston
  • TK Stone Middle School Students
  • Patricia Hamilton
  • Christina Gutowski
  • Becky FitzPatrick
  • Sam Cooney
  • Cayla Brzoska
  • Raven Brownn
  • Melanie Bortz-Brewer
  • Caroline Essex
  • Maggie White
  • Steve-O Shephard
  • Tauren Vice
  • Paul Vice
  • Beth Baker
  • Jennifer Pruitt
  • Erica Jetter
  • Jessica Board
  • Chloe Hackworth
  • Jenna Vondran-Love
  • Jeffrey Walker
  • Jamie Ruddock
  • Abigail Smith
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Samantha Carkuff
  • Charity Carkuff
  • Katrina Pepper
  • Isabella Micheals
  • Shawna Lancaster
  • Aniyah Rousseau
  • Dillon Fey
  • Caitlin Morton
  • Gian Giralico
  • Jessi Moffett and Staci Claar
  • Josh Hart
  • Rivera Family
  • Gail Raderer
  • Cameron Pruitt
  • Hailey Washington
  • Joel Nathan
  • Lily Payton
  • April Payton
  • Cheri Scobey
  • Rachel Gibbs and Atherton High School Art Students
  • Aislin Hair
  • Lindsey Pelley
  • Janis Kidd
  • Patricia Kidd and Peyton Medlock
  • Arieanna Washington
  • Madi Gritton
  • Amelia Fuller
  • Simone of simonerenaeart
  • Niki Babb
  • Joe Mahley
  • Charlie "Nyxus" Siravo
  • Arianna "Teagan" Gilliam
  • Sarah Tidwell
  • Anna Martin
  • Hannah Elder
  • Courtney Richey
  • Francis Michaels
  • Chris Vititoe
  • Kara Reed
  • Natalie Jones
  • Molli Smothers
  • Clay Mata
  • Whitney Creeden

Check out our amazing Street Painting Girl Scout Artists

  • Hailey Washington
  • Arieanna Washington
  • Maggie White
  • Tasia Rivera
  • Rianna Rivera
  • Raelyn Rivera
  • Ray Jr Rivera
  • Janis Kidd
  • Patricia Kidd
  • Peyton Medlock
  • Madi Gritton
  • Amelia Fuller
  • Hannah Elder
  • Maggie Heitkemper
  • Anna Martin
  • Mae Lindle
  • Annaleigh Redmon
  • Dolly Harland
  • Agnes Nutter
  • Stephanie Nutter
  • Sofia Hughes
  • Brooke Hull
  • Harmony Hull
  • Shawn Hull
  • Amanda Hull