Space Invaders and a Visiting Artist From Down South

Hello, my lovelies! Do we all still have our eyesight after witnessing solar history? Good! Because this stop is a scrumptious one! Grab a scoop or two of your favorite summer treat, ice cream, and join me for an interesting chat.

When I was adopted in 1979, Space Invaders was THE video game to play. Actually, it was Pac Man, but that had already been out for a while. Space Invaders was the newer, cool kid in town and if you didn’t know what it was, you were not cool. Unfortunately, for yours truly, sports and games were never a particular talent. Until Kaboom! Forget Space Invaders, Frogger, Asteroids……I was the bomb (pun intended) at Kaboom! I probably didn’t play it as much as I would have liked because there was one Atari gaming unit for 6 kids in our house. But when I did….watch out! Most games required a joystick. Kaboom! used a flat wheel, or paddle. Some silly thief-looking fella dropped bombs from the top of the screen and you moved the wheel left and right to move back and forth to catch those bombs before they exploded. That’s it. No shooting or killing anything, just bomb catching. Easy peasy. Until the bombs came down fast. That’s when my masterful hand-eye coordination kicked Kaboom! butt.

That was pretty much the extent of my video gaming days. Before I was adopted, I did not have good reading skills. This baffles me today because now I love to read! But after Kaboom!, I became more interested in books and drawing than video games. When I see the games that are out today, I drool a little at the artwork. College….I was a Drawing Major, but now I wish I had played more video games and taken an interest in developing the artwork for them.

Today we are going to chat with a fella who loves his video games and plays them with a finesse all his own. He claims to be pretty darn good for his age but when I look back, good is good no matter what your age. I’ve met this man in person and he is truly awesome. Talk to him for five minutes and you want to keep talking to him for five days. He’s been to Via Colori and travelled all the way from the Carolinas to attend and volunteer his time to help out. Please enjoy some tasty questions and answers from our pal, Rafael Sanchez.

1. Where are you originally from? El Salvador – City of San Salvador

2. How did you end up where you live now? El Salvador’s civil war got really out of control and as they were about to implement a mandatory draft I left – I was 14 at the time and at that age fervent patriotism, ” I want to die for my country,” was really not in my menu.

3. What is your favorite hobby? How long have you been doing it? Video games – I am ridiculously good at them for a 40 year old lol.

4. Your most recent favorite movie? Baby Driver was so original it’s probably my favorite 2017 movie.

5. Who was your best friend when you were 12 and what is your favorite memory of them? Hmmmm – I knew this guy named Daniel Platero and my memory of him to this day is that he swore he could sing and move like Axl Rose ( fun fact – he sucked royally )

6. Have you ever created an image with chalk? If so, what was it and why did you choose it? I always draw two squares on top of each other and connect it with lines to create a box – I always been fascinated at images that have dimension to them.

7. What would your best friend chalk if their piece was about you? Probably a pumpkin.

8. When was your first Via Colori event and how did you hear about it? About 3 years ago – Dusty needed help with it and I volunteered and it was quite a fantastic experience.

9. What mythical or mystical creature would you have as your sidekick? Godzilla….that counts.

10. What is your favorite pizza topping? I used to worship the ground that pepperoni walked but I now willingly give my soul to the bacon gods.

11. How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood? None – he wold go to Home Depot and get a few guys to do it šŸ™‚

12. Do you have a favorite super hero? If so, who, or what, is it? I always been a Superman fan – As a kid it was because he could fly – as an adult living in a different country he is an alien to this land much like I am – funny how that works huh – the evolution of how you see a comic hero.

13. Name something you are really passionate about in your every day life. Hmmmm – probably trying to live the best life I can – be productive and take care of my wife and two cats.

14. Describe something you really admire about a parent since becoming an adult yourself. My Dad – his work ethic is something I strive for every day – and when I see parents teaching that to kids I get hope for the future…sadly you see less and less of that nowadays.

15. If a Gnome approached you, what would it say? Thanks for representing ( I only played Gnomes in World of Warcraft)

16. If there are 3 rocks in a crate and Zeus had a kitten, when does a taco reach St.Paul, Minnesota? Whenever the taco is damn well ready to arrive…..SPECIALLY if its a supreme taco.

17. Favorite cereal? Cocoa Crispies

18. Your favorite video game? Bloodborne – I even have a t-shirt I wear proudly.

19. What is a hidden talent you wish you had? To draw from pure imagination like the concept artist do for movies and games – I admire that to death.

20. If money were no object, what would you build? A specific built house – haven’t figured the specs there but the words -” gaming room” and “movie room” are part of the floor plan.

21. And finally……what is your favorite ice cream? Rum Raisin – ooohhh it is sinfully amazing – every other flavor is just wrong….and sad.