Introducing Zach Herndon and Jessi Queen

Here comes the Ice Cream Truck! Where Dragons eat for free and people answer some questionable questions.

What a great day for ice cream, dragons and a blog named for them! Or great night. Whatever. The point is, here we are again and today we are going to meet some really great people from the Atlanta, Georia area. I recently spent a few days with them at a chalk event they organized in Atlanta. Although Via’s Dusty introduced me to the crazy concept of smearing artists pastels into pavement, today’s guests opened my eyes to just how much of this chalking stuff goes on almost everywhere BUT Kentucky – and a chalk addict was born!

I introduced my questions to our guests, Zach Herndon and Jessi Queen, via texting. Question #8 below has to do with a pet squirrel my adopted family had for a brief time. After posting this question, I learned Jessi’s family also had a pet squirrel once. So then I started wondering just how many people have had pet squirrels. And then I started wondering if squirrels like ice cream (since ice cream is part of this blog). I kid you not, there is a squirrel on the internet named “Putter” and he loves ice cream! As a matter of fact, there are lots of squirrels eating ice cream on Google. Maybe I should change my dragons-eating-ice-cream theme to squirrels-eating-ice-cream.

In honor of Putter and his love of ice cream, I leave you with a photo that may or my not be visible on the blog (I don’t have control over such things) as you read Zach and Jessi’s responses below. I’m pretty sure at least 99% of the answers are from Zach. They will both be at Via this year, so be sure to check them out…..they ALWAYS do something stunning! Plus, Zach and Jessi are super cool people.

1. What do you think of the color Chartreuse?

It’s a fancy name for lime.

2. When did you first attend Via Colori Kentucky and how did you hear about it?

First time we attended was in 2013. Jessi had found it and I attended as a helper to her. I visited all the museums in Etown and had a great time.

3. What was your most memorable moment of the last Via event you attended?

The last time we attended it rained and we weren’t able to finish. But we hung out with our KY friends which was great.

4. When you go on a road trip, what imaginary friend would you make up to accompany you? What would they talk about with your son?

Probably a cuddly T-Rex that’s very knowledgeable in UFOs

5. What is your favorite flower?

I enjoy tulips

6. Which is your favorite emoji?

The one with the colon and the slash. It’s so versatile. :/

7. When your son celebrated his 1st birthday recently. what was the most memorable moment?

He ate the whole smash cake. He shoved fistful after fistful if cake in his mouth and never stopped. It was awesome.

8. I hope you like Unicorns. Do you know what you call a group of them?

Manycorns? Maybe Polycorns.

Rocky the Squirrel
Rocky the Squirrel

9. My family had an accidental pet squirrel once. We named “him” Rocky (found out later the name should have been Rockette). We fed him dry dog food and grapes because that’s what “he” would eat. If you had a pet squirrel, what would you name it, what would you feed it, and what bedtime story would you read to it?

Rocky is a solid name for a squirrel. I would do the same.

10. And finally….for both of you….what is your favorite flavor of ice cream (Yes, I know what Zach is going to say but I have to see it in print…lol).

I like pistachio ice cream the best.