Introducing Corey Elmore

Woot! I’m baaaaaack……

Let’s hear it for ice cream! I am parking my ice cream truck in the Via neighborhood once again to tell you a litle bit about another amazing artist. But first, let me give you an update on something from the last post.

As you might remember, I mentioned something called Drawception. Holy Cow! This is a wonderful online drawing game! I’m hooked..addicted…call out the intervention team! And the best part? There are a LOT of stick people being drawn. Basically, it’s a story board game. A phrase is given and someone draws their interpretation of it. Then the next person interprets that drawing with their own phrase. Then the next person interprets that phrase with a drawing. On and on, back and forth, like tennis. Until, I think, 16 turns before the “story” ends. Each turn lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, and everyone who participated in the story gets to see the results. Sometimes, the “story” is pretty darn funny.

I know one person who would totally rock Drawception, and that is Corey Elmore. And Corey, ladies and gentlemen, is my next ice cream truck blog subject. Corey is one of those young people who I am inspired by and also a wee bit jealous of. He is out there doing what I wish I would have done 20+ years ago. It is an honor and a priviledge to know Corey. That boy just keeps on churning out amazing work after amazing work and his talent knows no boundaries! He draws, paints, sculpts, designs and makes cosplay costumes, sings and plays guitar (and probably every other instrument, too!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could whistle out of his ears. I would so be the proudest Mama if he were my son.

So without further delay or gushing, let’s see what Corey has to say about a few questions, shall we?

1. Where are you originally from? Where do you live now and what do you like about it the most? Louisville and Louisville. Despite being a smaller city, it has a surprising amount of talented artists, galleries and fabrication shops.

2. If you left a box of 24 melting crayons in a car and Trish’s favorite soup is Split Pea, how far would a shoe fly if Bjorn Borg ate 2 Pieces of fried chicken? 3 flip flops and a hamburger.

3. What, and where, was your first chalk event? What piece did you create? It was Via Colori in Elizabethtown, three years ago. I painted a giant version of one of my comic strips.

4. If you have a pet, what would they chalk if it was about you? Jeffey, my dog, would chalk bread and treats, because that’s his lifeblood. I’m simply a means to that end.

5. What subject matter do you enjoy chalking the most? I like doing cartoonish things. The subject matter can vary. Monsters are the most fun, though.

6. What tool or accessory can you not chalk without? Socks. Hands on bare concrete hurts.

7. If you were a cloud, what shape would you be? A dragon, like the one from Neverending story.

8. What was the last image you made with chalk? It was a portrait of a member of GWAR, Balsac the Destroyer.

9. What has been your favorite piece you created at Via? Why? My favorite is still the comic strip I did the first year I attended. It got the best reactions, and despite being shy, I am in attention whore.

10. What is your favorite color of paint? I really like working with metallics, specifically chrome because it’s a challenge.

11. What do you say to people when they ask why you chalk? Why is the sky blue?

12. Which color chalk tastes the best? Lime green.

13. Who is your favorite super hero? Deadpool. He counts, right? He only killed a few people.

14. What color would your outfit be if you were a super hero? Red. Red is my favorite.

15. What mythical creature would you invite to dinner? A werewolf. Best case scenario, we have a conversation about their role in Native American legends. Worst case scenario, I die or become a werewolf. Either way, I win. I’ll be my favorite mythical creature or my tombstone will be really cool.

16. If money were no object, what would you pursue in life? Nothing. And by that I mean I would just experiment with everything, not setting out to necessarily accomplish anything, but just experience everything I can, and helping people.

17. How do we know Humpty Dumpty was an egg? I don’t think he was, but that makes the rhyme less traumatic.

18. Do you have a piece picked out for this year’s Via? If so, what was the inspiration for it? Nope! I should, but I do not.

19. What is your favorite hobby? Cosplay.

20. Who do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t want to grow up. It’s no fun.

21. And most importantly……..what is your favorite flavor ice cream? Vanilla. For as interesting as everything else I do is, I had to have one “vanilla” thing, and it’s ice cream.