Where Dragons Eat Free and People Answer Tasty Questions

Ding-dong, my children! It is hot, Hot, HOT outside and the perfect time to serve up some chilly ice cream. What flavor are we hungry for today? How about something for the whole family? Was there an ice cream truck wandering around your neighborhood as a kid? Did you ever see one when you went on summer family vacations?

The first summer family vacation I remember happened after I was adopted. I was 12. The only road trip I had ever really been on up to that point, was a moving one. You know, moving from one house to the next. We did a lot of moving before I was adopted. But the summer I turned 12, my new family took a road trip, or vacation, to Florida. I had seen a beach in Indiana previously, and maybe even Michigan. But this was the first time I saw a beach everyone imagines on postcards, etc. But that’s not all! We also stopped at a few places on our way south. I remember very little about New Orleans but I know I saved a turquoise costume feather from there. I remember a place we ate and a homeless person with a wicker broom begging for a quarter from an older brother. And I think I remember visiting some above-ground cemetery. And I know we visited a prominent southern area before New Orleans because I saved the fake Confederate money! But that’s all I really remember about the entire vacation….except being cooped up with my new sister in the back of a station wagon. And yes, it was the 3rd row seats! Eight people in a station wagon gets kinda crowded. Boy, were we happy when the parents invested in a van later on!

This week, we are going to be interviewing a fantastic family who just experienced their best, most awesome family vacation ever. I have to admit to a little bit of jealousy, but I bet no one saved a feather from a costume like I did. Or how about these awesome doodles I remember doing in the car on my family’s trip to Florida? Future legendary artist material, or what?!

So without further delay, let’s get to know the Casteels! Harvey, Dawn, Zeek, Zac and Jami.

1. Where do you currently live and where are you originally from? We all currently live in Elizabethtown, KY and Harvey is originally from Mt. Pleasant, IA, Dawn born in Sarnia Canada, lived in CA and CO and then followed me around the globe with the Army.

2. Who in your household has the craziest ideas about? I have some pretty crazy ideas, but Zeke and Zac can come up with some dooozies.

3. What do you like most about the town you live in? The fact that it feels like home and we love the people and the area.

4. What was your most recent family fun time or road trip? We took our first ever “BIG FAMILY VACATION” with all 5 of us to Costa Rica w/ a day trip to Nicaragua.

5. Do fish get thirsty? Naw………I would say they might want a beer or lemonade sometime for something different.

6. Who in your family sings the loudest in the shower? Nobody sings in the shower, but Zac talks to himself in the shower and it is rather funny to listen to him.

7. Has anyone in your family participated in Via Colori as an artist? If so, what was the first image they created? Nobody has participated, Nobody is an artist. Zac dabbles in drawing and clay, but not really thought of doing Via.

8. What role do you play in Via this year? We do not have a role in Via other than that of spectators. I have volunteered my skills to build things in the past or bring a tent or two when needed, but this year our daughter is getting married on 16 Sept 17 and that is our focus.

9. How, or when, did you first hear about Via and what has the event come to mean to you since then? We pay attention to things going on in our local community and we love art so it was a HUGE hit with our family. Dusty is a good friend and we love to help in any way we can. I love seeing new artists and kids trying it out.

10. What is your dream car? I am a car nut so I have many “dream cars,” but a Corvette has always been the car to own and I bought a 98 Corvette convertible this year. We are really enjoying it.

11. What is your favorite Poptart? Strawberry

12. What would your children chalk if they created a piece about you? (Harvey) A car, probably a lifted 4×4 truck, Nova or Corvette.

13. Who was your best friend in 1979 and what is a favorite memory of that friendship? (Harvey or DawnMarie) Thad Millard and we just hung out enjoying nature. Dawn’s BFF is Roberta and she has know her forever!

14. What mythical or mystical creature would you want as a travel companion? DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON, I love dragons!

15. Favorite super hero? They are all so cool in their own way. I love Wolverine and the other characters with him.

16. Favorite type of pizza crust? Pan if it is a Hawaiian pizza and thin on others.

17. What would be your pro wrestling name? What would be each family members’ name? No thanks, because I hate wrestling! I think Dawn would say the same, but the boys may be different and be called something crazy like KILLER Z BOYZ tag team!

18. If an apple tree gave you cherries, and Tommy has 17 sugar cubes, at what arc does a unicorn spit glitter into Bubba’s time machine? Only Sir Arc a lot knows that answer…..geez.

19. What has Via Colori come to mean to you over the years and who/what are you always most excited to see when you attend? Via means talent and sharing and coming together for a great cause. I am always excited to see new art and people’s talent poured out all over the ground.

20. What really happens when you open a can of worms? They stink!

21. And finally…….what is your favorite ice cream? Mine is vanilla bean.