About -October 17&18, 2020

About Via Colori Festival

At The Big Four Bridge Lawn in Waterfront Park

"Even Superman had foster parents."

Via Colori® Kentucky is a festival in which hundreds of artists, community organizations, vendors, and partners come together to host the most creative festival in Kentucky. The festival was in the Elizabethtown area for almost a decade and moved to Louisville in 2017. Over 100 artists participate with the intent of making an artistic masterpiece on a large scale, directly on the sidewalks of Waterfront Park in Louisville. We will have music, vendors, art, art vendors, family-friendly activities such as child street painting and superhero photo-ops, additional non-profits in an awareness section, a food court, street performers, costumed characters, an art gallery dedicated to child-created pieces, and of course, street art.

Via Colori® Kentucky is part of a series of street painting festivals held throughout the United States. It is a celebration of art and creativity in which a family of artists and volunteers come together to encourage the community at large to value and appreciate the arts. All proceeds from Via Colori® Kentucky benefit New Beginnings Foundation, a local non-profit that serves foster children.

Via is hosted by New Beginnings Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3). New Beginnings Foundation supports New Beginnings Family Services which provides therapeutic foster care and medically fragile care to children who are in the custody of the state and are displaced from their biological family. Many of these children have been the victims of abuse and/or neglect.
New Beginnings Family Services is similar to traditional foster care, except they place children who have special needs and require more frequent agency support than a traditional foster care agency. The children may be afraid, confused, angry, or heart-broken being separated from their families. They need a caring environment that will boost their self-esteem, provide encouragement and most importantly – love.
New Beginnings is dedicated to helping children and foster families succeed. The children served come into state custody because of abuse and neglect or for other reasons cannot live with a parent or relative. New Beginnings serves children of all races from birth to age 18 with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems. New Beginnings Family Services spends less than 10% of its annual gross income on administrative costs. Their team has been successful in transitioning children back to a parent or relative with less than 4% requiring a higher level of care.

Organizational Overview

Mission: New Beginnings Foundation’s mission is an ongoing effort towards “Empowering individuals and families to assist them with developing enriched lives and a stronger community.”

New Beginnings Foundation was founded in 2000 in Louisville, KY by Terry & Bridgette Jones and James & Brenda Graham as a private, non-profit agency. Together their mission was to enrich the life of a child by providing therapeutic foster care services in homes throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Today, New Beginnings is not only continuing to meet the challenges of training and supporting foster care families, but is expanding its horizons by reaching out to the needs of the community.

New Beginnings has an active board of directors who embrace its mission and believe the special care devoted by therapeutic foster care families can make a difference in the life of a child. The board is composed of community representatives from a variety of backgrounds including health care workers, clergy, homemakers and business owners.