Street Art - October 17-18, 2020

Street Painting

Experience Artists Creating Awareness

Via Colori is a celebration of art in order to raise awareness for the children of our community. Over 100 artists from across the country and around the globe come together each year to create large scale chalk paintings along the Ohio River on the Big Four Bridge Lawn of the Louisville Waterfront.

We will have hundreds of artists, community organizers, vendors, and other partners come together for one of the most creative festivals in Kentucky.

Feeling creative? You can become an artist at the festival. Sign up and join us at the Big Four Bridge Lawn at Louisville’s Waterfront Park from October 19 & 20, 2019 for an amazing street festival!

Artist Sign Up

Introducing our 2019 Featured Artist

Jessi Queen

Jessi Queen is an artist and designer based in Atlanta, GA. For over ten years she has been drawing at festivals all around the US and Europe. She is passionate about chalk art and enjoys bringing the sidewalks to life with fantasy and nature themed portraits. She organized and leads The GA Chalk Artists Guild in hopes to share chalk art medium with her community. She works with corporate clients as well as organizes events in and around Atlanta. When she is not chalking you can find her traveling with her son, husband and two dachshunds.

jessi queen chalk artjessi queen chalk artjessi queen chalk artjessi queen chalk art

Introducing our 2019 Street Painting Artists

  • Debra Adams
  • Stephanie Anderson
  • April Bell
  • Jaci LeAnn Benningfield
  • Raven Brown
  • Cayla Brzoska
  • Charity Carkuff
  • Samantha Carkuff
  • Victoria Carman
  • Tina Carter
  • Brad Cecil
  • Sam Cooney
  • Geena Maria Corso
  • Monica Cundiff
  • Addie Cundiff
  • Connor Dane
  • Morgan Dowdle
  • Ronda Dutschke
  • Dillon Fey
  • Fort Knox Middle/High School Art Club
  • Kaycie Gentry
  • Christina Gutowski
  • Anthony Hall
  • Patricia Hamilton
  • Kori Harris
  • Shelby Hayes
  • Zuleika Hodges
  • Torin Hofmann
  • Griffin Dane
  • Shawna Lancaster
  • Lauren Leath
  • Shelby Libka
  • Andrea Light
  • Kami Madden
  • Amanda Miller Hoback
  • Kristen Mullikin
  • Maddie Neary
  • Marissa Hatfield
  • Jessica O'Bryan
  • Matthew Oplinger
  • Lillian Payton
  • April Payton
  • Nathan Pennington
  • Kevin Polston
  • Jessi Queen
  • Jennifer Richardson
  • Jael Roed
  • Alexis Ross
  • Jamie Ruddock
  • Jack Scally
  • Gina Schneider
  • Amanda Singhiser
  • Karrie Smith
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Abbie Smith
  • Molli Smothers
  • Breauna Snyder
  • Breanna Sweet
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Kat Thompson
  • Beth Townsend
  • Nikki Troxle
  • Tauren Vice
  • Jeffrey Walker
  • Railey Warren
  • Micah West
  • Bobby Wheeler
  • Hannah Wibbels
  • Marlesha Woods
  • Sydnie Word
  • Rachel Wurfel
  • Courtney Richey-Webster
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Jenna Vondran
  • Will Parocai
  • Caroline Essex