Street Art - October 21-22, 2017

Street Painting

Experience Artists Creating Awareness

Via Colori is a celebration of art in order to raise awareness for the children of our community. Over 100 artists from across the country and around the globe come together each year to create large scale chalk paintings directly on the street.

We will have hundreds of artists, community organizers, vendors, and other partners come together for one of the most creative festivals in Kentucky.

Feeling creative? You can become an artist at the festival. Sign up and join us at the Big Four Bridge Lawn at Louisville’s Waterfront Park from October 21-22, 2017 for an amazing street festival!

Artist Sign Up

2017 Featured Artist

Joe Mahley

Ladies and Gentleman - We would like to introduce our 2017 Via Colori featured artist! Joe Mahley is a seasoned artist who travels all over the country to participate in multiple street painting festivals! His work consistently showcases not just his extraordinary talent but also his passion for his medium. He has been actively involved with Via and firmly supports our cause of helping foster children.

In addition to being an amazing street painting artist, Joe is a talented photographer. Joe says "In addition to photography, I draw and paint. I love drawing from photos, often including dance, flowing fabrics, and graceful poses. Working from a photograph allows detailed, classic academic style pieces. Applying a sense of motion and complex contrasts gives the images depth and life."

Joe may hail from New York, but he has settled in Kentucky. He currently resides in Louisville with his wife and family. We are so. honored to introduce you to Joe as our featured artist for 2017. See you in October!

2017 Artists

  • Debra Adams 4x4
  • Sandy Bailey 4X4
  • Jaci Benningfield 6X6
  • Renee Blansette 10X10
  • April Boss 4X4
  • Jamie Campbell 4X4
  • Tina Carter 4X4
  • Wylie Caudill 6x6
  • Colleen Cernik 6X6
  • Aoime Chibi 10X10
  • Alecia Currington No Preference
  • Connor Dane 6X6
  • Griffin Dane 4X4
  • Fawne DeRosia 10X10
  • Susan Dever 6X6
  • Misty DeWitt 4X4
  • Debi Fields 6X6
  • John Fitzgerald 4X4
  • Becky Fitzpatrick 10X10
  • Braxton Wayne Gaither 10X10
  • Jeff Gaither 10X10
  • Brandon Gardner 4X4
  • Chris Gibson 4X4
  • Russel Grow 4X4
  • April Hack 4X4
  • Katie Lynn Hafling 4X4
  • Keira Hamilton 4X4
  • Patricia Hamilton 6X6
  • Gabriel & Gideon Harrington 10X10
  • Rhonda Heinze N/A
  • Amanda Miller Hoback 10X10
  • Kaitlyn Holbrook-Elkins 6X6
  • Ashley Huffman 6X6
  • Linda A Kuszynski 10X10
  • Andrea Light 10X10
  • Lindsey Lowe No Preference
  • Kami Madden 4X4
  • Katherine Markey 4X4
  • Andrew Martin 10x10
  • Elizabeth Mattingly 6X6
  • Amanda McCowan No Preference
  • Mike & Lauren Medley 6X6
  • David Mitchell 4X4
  • Juanita Mondragon 4X4
  • Kalei Morgan 6x6
  • Jessica O'Bryan 6X6
  • Michele Ohle 4X4
  • Isabella Pearson 6X6
  • Lindsey Pelley 10X10
  • Kat Pepper 10X10
  • Charlotte Pollock
  • Kevin Polston 10X10
  • Cam Pruitt 6X6
  • Samantha Reed 10X10
  • Nicole Reeder 4X4
  • Jennie Riney No Preference
  • Gina Schneider 4X4
  • Sandra Shepard 4X4
  • Steve Shephard 10X10
  • Jennifer Smith No Preference
  • Jessica Smith 4X4
  • Karrie Smith 6x6
  • Breauna Snyder 6X6
  • Emily Stieben 6X6
  • Isabella Stooksbury 4X4
  • Judith Tingley 4x4
  • Torin Tortilla 10X10
  • Nikki Troxle 10X10
  • Tevin Truitt 6X6
  • Jenna Vondran 4X4
  • Jeffrey Walker 10X10
  • Jennifer Whitfill 6X6
  • Josh Willett 6X6
  • Adrian Wright 10X10
  • Sheri L. Wright 4X4
  • Red 4X4
  • Shavante 4X4
  • Kelly Gray 4x4
  • Russel Grow

    "My name is Russel and I am a 21-year-old artist. I was born with Tourettes Syndrome and have spent much of my youth creating and loving art. I'm a person who advocates for the understanding and acceptance of both the disabled and LGBTQ+ youth with the hope that I can help make life a little easier for kids who grew up the same way I did. I've always admired the work by artists at Via Colori and am so honored to be accepted as one this year!"

  • Kalei Morgan

    Hello I am Kalei Morgan! I enjoy making art, and enjoy being geeky. I am happy to be doing art with Via Colori since they give back to the people!

  • John Goode

    John "B.Good" Fitzgerald is an artist that puts his creative spin on just about anything. B.Good is a lyrcial hip hop artist that has performed over 350 shows opening up for artist such as Big Sean, Tech N9ne, Dj Paul, Yelawolf, and lots of other great artist. His song "Out My Face" was even placed on Dj Drama's mixtape entitled, "First Infantry." B.Good recently tapped into a different form of art, painting. Painting  custom mask with any image that you can imagine from horror movie thrills to family potraits. Now, B.Good the Artist, can paint pretty much anything from shoes of all materials, helmets, canvases, clothing, and whatever else he can get a hold of. Stay tuned and B.Good.

  • Jessica Smith

    This will be my fourth year doing via colori. Painting is a hobby of mine, and I love getting to meet new artists and learn from them each year.

  • Katie Hafling

    KT’S HOUSE OF WONDERS – Art, Jewelry and You Never Know! They say from the humblest beginnings come the greatest of creations. You will find that is true when you check out KT’s House of Wonders! Perhaps most known for her handcrafted and artisan jewelry, Katie offers a vast array of handmade crafts and accessories for the home and self. Her creations combine her lifelong passion of making things, with her love of horror, the occult, fantasy, and as she says, “just plain weirdness”! She and her husband, Blake, live off of their 9 acre wooded homestead in Edmonton, Kentucky. Along with their two dogs, a bearded dragon, and a flock of chickens! They strive to be sustainable, live off of their land as much as they can, and to be as self-sufficient as possible. Their arts and skilled trade/craftsman businesses are there only sources of income. When not caring for their large garden or critters, Katie is busy channeling her energy into her craft. She collects bones and fragments of all sorts, including snake vertebrae, teeth, bugs, and bits and pieces of this and that from around her homestead, and uses these in her unique and artisan jewelry and accessories. Recently, she has also begun incorporating her love of painting into her work, with her most recent outlet of passionate creations being tiny original paintings encased in glass and incorporated into jewelry pieces. We are certain you will enjoy your “stay” at KT’s House of Wonders

  • Sheri Wright

    Two-time Pushcart Prize and Kentucky Poet laureate nominee, Sheri L. Wright is the author of six books of poetry, including her latest, The Feast of Erasure. Wrights, Work has appeared in numerous journals, such as Chiron, Clark Street Review and Earth's Daughters. She has taught workshops for The Kentucky State Poetry Society, Women In Transition and in independent settings. From 2010-2012, she was the host of the literary radio show, From The Inkwell, live-streaming on www.CrescentHillRadio.com. Currently, she is the executive producer/director of the documentary film, Tracking Fire. http://trackingfire.org

  • Debi Fields

    Debi Fields,  an eclectic artist from Kentucky's heartland. Over 50 years young and a lifelong student of art. Acrylics, encostic, oil, collage, pastels, mixed, street, and other miscellaneous forms of art may be found among her unique works. This will be Debi's 9th year as a Via Colori artist.

  • Nicole Reeder

    Glare Beware was created in 2014, with "The Adventures of Nekosan" being published online in February, 2015. All artwork and comics are written and illustrated by Nicole. Nicole graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in 2013 with her Bachelor's of the Arts in Art Education. She has an artistic background focused mostly in painting and drawing. She works in both traditional and digital mediums, and loves sharing her work with others. www.glarebeware.com

  • Sandy Bailey

    Hello, I am Sandy Bailey, lifetime resident of Elizabethtown, KY where I raised my only child-a daughter Misty. As an artist, I'm mostyly self-taught, first sparked at around age 8 by a teacher, Mrs Ruth Graves, who pointed out a talent for drawing. Ive been practicing ever since then, mostly on faces, and pencil is still my favorite medium. I've participated in Via Colori since 2010 and look forward to it every year

Thanks to the Waterfront Development Corporation!