Street Art - October 20-21, 2018

Street Painting

Experience Artists Creating Awareness

Via Colori is a celebration of art in order to raise awareness for the children of our community. Over 100 artists from across the country and around the globe come together each year to create large scale chalk paintings directly on the street.

We will have hundreds of artists, community organizers, vendors, and other partners come together for one of the most creative festivals in Kentucky.

Feeling creative? You can become an artist at the festival. Sign up and join us at the Big Four Bridge Lawn at Louisville’s Waterfront Park from October 20-21, 2018 for an amazing street festival!

Artist Sign Up

2018 Featured Artist

Grace Holbrook-Elkins

My name is Kaitlyn Holbrook-Elkins, but I answer to Grace. This will be my fourth year participating in Via Colori and it is an absolute honor to have been named this year’s featured artist. I’ve always had my reservations about public events, but despite being socially awkward, this is one cause I couldn’t walk away from. Participating alongside some amazing people really leaves a great impression.

I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t an art teacher threaten me with zeros if I handed her one more sketch. I wouldn’t obsess over all the artistic mediums if I hadn’t tested the waters and taken a couple of zeros. I thank my high school art teacher, Sharon Madison, for the fierce love art she provoked from me – as does the local craft store. It was in her class that I became infatuated with many of Pablo Picasso’s ideas. In the words of Picasso, “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” This leaves me with one conclusion: I never grew up.

My art teacher might agree because I still snarl my lip at the idea having to write about my art. Regardless, I believe this event heeds the call of my heart. I have three tiny artists at home and I hope that in some way, participating in this event allows more children to stay artists. Every child deserves a home.

2018 Artists

  • Grace Holbrook-Elkins
  • Chelsea Adams
  • Deb Adams
  • Wendy Barnett
  • Simon Bitz
  • Jamie Campbell
  • Charity Carkuff
  • Tina Carter
  • Colleen Cernik
  • Beth Clements
  • Alecia Currington
  • Griffin Dane
  • Connor Dane
  • Fawne DeRosia
  • Caitlyn Druck
  • Elizabeth Farrar
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Becky FitzPatrick
  • Robin Helton
  • Amanda Miller Hoback
  • Zuleika Hodges
  • Travis King
  • Andrea Light
  • Kami Madden
  • Jiselle Maldonado
  • Emme Metry
  • Kennedy Millay
  • Kristen Mullikin
  • Maddie Neary
  • Sydney A. O'Shea
  • Lindsey Pelley
  • Kevin Polston
  • Athena Prychodko
  • Jessi Queen
  • Nicole Reeder
  • Courtney Richey-Webster
  • Alexis Ross
  • Logan Sak
  • Jack Scally
  • Elaine Scharroo
  • Christa Shouse
  • Amanda Singhiser
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Karrie Smith
  • Breauna Snyder
  • Sirena Sullivan
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Meredith Thompson
  • Nikki Troxle
  • Micah West
  • Alivia Wheaton
  • Jennifer Whitfill
  • Trinity Williams
  • Marlesha Woods
  • Marlesha Woods
  • Sydnie Word
  • Spencer Aldridge
  • Alinda Newby
  • Cayla Rose Brzoska
  • Railey Warren
  • Alexis Ross

    I have been a child in foster care. I have been doing art since I was a small child. I learned all of my technique by watching my beautiful foster mother and my biological father. If I had to say anything I would have to use my favorite quote, "my story isn’t over yet". As a young artist I believed art expressed our emotions. As a young child I had issues explaining myself; I used art. Doing what I love has done wonders for my emotions.
    So thank you, Via Colori!

  • Fawne DeRosia

    Fawne is a multi-talented artist from Thomaston, Georgia who creates in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, window art, and large format murals. She is the founder of Flint Rose Studio, where she increases her body of work, hosts art workshops, and works to foster the growth of art culture in the greater Thomaston/Upson County area.

  • Kevin Polston

    Kevin is a Kentucky born illustrator with a primary focus on nature and portraiture. Art found a special place is his heart at an early age with his imagination as reference. Today, his main driver is taking the ordinary and allowing the subtleties of life tell the subject's story. Mr. Polston received his BFA from Northwest College of Art in Washington State and has since worked as a freelance artist doing various works. Some of his work has been art for t-shirts dedicated to endangered species, business logo designs, and private commissions. Most of his work can be found in private collections in Louisville, KY where he currently resides.

  • Charity Carkuff

    I am a student photographer currently taking classes at Ivy Tech. I have always enjoyed creating through many different art forms. It’s a way I can communicate, put a smile on someone’s face, and maybe get people to stop for a moment and think. I look forward to attending events where I can spend the day with other artists, and it’s an extra bonus that Via Colori is for a great cause.

  • Tremain Farrar

    Although originally not from Louisville, Tremain started identifying the city as her hometown when she attended University of Louisville in 2006. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and then continued her education at Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration from SCAD, Tremain returned to Louisville to pursue a career in fine arts and illustration. In conjunction with showing her prints and drawings at local galleries, including the Butchertown Social and Tim Faulkner Gallery, she found a true passion for professional graphic design. Since then, Tremain has worked in a range of fields and disciplines, from designing websites for home furnishing companies to creating digital and print marketing campaigns for BMW, Mercedes and Maserati automotive dealerships. She currently works as Creative Project Coordinator at Walden School, implementing her skills as a graphic designer and illustrator in creative marketing strategies.

  • Sydney O’Shea

    I will be attending the University of Louisville this fall, where I will be majoring in Criminal Profiling. I have always loved art, specifically drawing, and it will always be an important aspect of my life. Drawing people is my favorite thing to do, and I tend to focus on drawing those close to me, such as my friends and family (occasionally my dogs). This past year I received 3 Regional awards from Scholastic; two Silver Keys, and one Gold Key. My piece that received a Gold Key moved on to receive a Silver Key award nationally.

  • Kami Madden

    I'm 26 years old, and from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I have been an artist for 5 years.

  • Robin Helton

    As a free-lance artist, I find myself constantly trying new things to challenge myself – everything from sculpture to animation and everything in between. My current focus is in body painting, where I can use the human form to create illusions and beautiful works of art. My origin, however, was solidly in 2-d design. I grew up covered in colorful dust while painting countless murals on my parent’s driveway, boundary walls and sheds, and it’s a true privilege to circle back to chalk art in support of Via Colori and New Beginnings Family Services.

  • Andrea Light

    Andrea Light is an Indianapolis-based artist that holds an M.A. in Studio Art and from the University of Saint Francis. This will be her second year at Via Colori. She is a graphic designer by trade and travels to chalk art festivals around the midwest.

  • Chelsea Adams

    Chelsea Adams

    Chelsea Adams is an emerging artist and graphic designer based out of Hodgenville, KY. She is a 2017
    graduate of Campbellsville University where she was a part of the Art & Design program. Coming from a
    small close-knit town, Adams likes to liven up local surroundings (schools, local businesses etc.) with her
    canvas paintings, drawings, and chalk art. In the coming months, Chelsea will be taking part in three
    exhibitions/displays in Hodgenville, Elizabethtown, and Richmond, KY. She can be reached through her
    email and social media accounts. chelsearadams@hotmail.com, Instagram: Chelsea__0607

  • Amanda Singhiser

    Amanda Singhiser

    My name is Amanda Singhiser I grew up in Smoketown,Louisville KY and I am 34 years old.Growing up with very little will give you an imagination. The less you have the more you can dream,the more you dream, the more brutal reality becomes.
    My father use to lift me over his shoulders and plop me in the office depo dumpster to dig out rolls of paper to draw on. Seemed I would always draw when I was troubled. Gradually growing up into a young adult and working all the time I forgot that part of me.
    I started going blind at 21 from occular histoplasmosis in my right eye. I have it in my left eye too, it's just dormant.Then a few years ago I lost the life I'd had for 7 years raising my boyfriend's son as my own. With them no longer in my life I didn't know who I was any more. That's when I began to ask my self "who did I use to be before all this mess?"
    Troubled and lost I began to draw again, then paint, soon I started to remember that, that was exactly who I was. I didn't stop there either, I played with any type of material I could get my hands on to distract me from my troubles. Turns out people seem to think I am pretty good and many people after said "why are you here?", "You're amazing", "You don't belong there, Amanda", "You are better then that place", and for the first time, I finally felt some worth and meaning in my life. I want so very much to share my art with as many people as possible. I want to do what I love for a living, because they can't promise I won't go blind in my other eye and age related factors are already taking their toll on what sight I have left.
    I imagine, maybe I may show the world how I see it, one emotion at a time, before I'm out of time. I am truly excited to draw for the children in foster care and I hope I will get to do it again and again.

  • Spencer Aldridge

    Spencer Aldridge

    Spencer Aldridge has always been an artist since before starting grade school. After a year of studying Art and History at Murray State, he joined the US Army for six years as an Infantryman and Combat Engineer and was deployed to Afghanistan during OEF. Afterwards he left the military to move around the state of Kentucky, eventually leading him back to his hometown where he was accepted into a Tattoo Apprenticeship. He has been a professional tattoo artist for 2 years, finally ending up in Louisville, KY.

  • Alinda Newby

    Alinda Newby

    Alinda is a local Louisville artist who has been painting for over ten years. She concentrates in watercolor but also branches out into oil. Her work consists of women painted with vibrant, mesmerizing colors that represent movement.

  • Cayla Rose Brzoska

    Cayla Rose Brzoska

    Cayla Rose Brzoska is a middle school student in the Independent Art Program for gifted and talented students and plays the oboe. She was born in Chicago and moved to Kentucky in 2010. Visual Art has always been a passion for Cayla. She was accepted into her elementary school's art club in fourth grade and began exploring different mediums. She soon began selling her artwork and has had work displayed in the Elizabethtown Performing Arts Center Gallery. Her future plans include traveling abroad and attending college majoring in visual arts. She has served as a volunteer for Via Colori in the past and is excited to fulfill her dream of being a Via Colori Artist! She is honored to use her passion and talent to help foster kids and their families.

  • Railey Warren

    Railey Warren

    Railey Warren lives in a world of her own making. She spends her days forging her favorite animals together in the fire of her imagination. She can’t wait to bring her mythical creatures to Louisville, Ky.