Experience - October 21-22, 2017

Live Music & Entertainment

Via Colori® 2017 Music Lineup

Saturday, October 21st, 2017dash icondash icon

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017dash icondash icon

*Acoustic Performances by Luie Brangers throughout the day.
*Main Stage Sound and Production sponsored and provided by Hellawicked Productions and 107.3 The Point
*Community Stage entertainment sponsored and provided by Opfor
  • OpFor will be showcased with performances all weekend from music to spoken word.

  • The Alley Theater will be at Via Colori with a showcare of their Arts Caravan, Mobile Library and with live theatrical performances.

  • #502 Rocks is providing rock painting workshops, Rock Seek and Find, and a Rock Sale with proceeds going towards New Beginnings.

League of Mascots Logo

Louisville League of Mascots

Come meet the mascots

The Louisville League of Mascots was founded in November, 2012, with a very specific goal of organizing the Kentuckiana mascots into a cohesive, team of iconic representatives who perform outreach throughout the year in this community. The League’s mission is to assist schools and non-profit charitable organizations with their fundraisers and other events by making pro bono appearances. Member sponsors must register in writing and agree to the "Code of the League." Annually, in January, eligible member mascots are invited to be elevated to the status of “Mascot Knight” at the League’s Induction and Knighting Ceremony.

The League’s motto is "nos prosit amicis which translates as “we will help our friends.” Our friends are the schools and charities which we serve, specifically their event coordinators and other members, by saving them hours of valuable time via our invitation and management services. According to our research, the Louisville League of Mascots remains the only organization of it’s type in the United States which operates with this mission of volunteerism and outreach!

Harbor House

The Ken-Ducky Derby

The Ken-Ducky Derby Duck from Harbor House's Ken-Ducky Derby will be at Via Colori as our special guest. Stop by and see him! Read more here

Ken-Ducky Derby
Amazing Childcare logo

Street Painting For Kids!

Brought to you by Amazing Childcare Learning Center

Amazing Childcare Learning Center will be hosting our Street Painting for Kids section at Via Colori. For $2, your child will be able to participate in street painting at the festival in a special section just like our artists! All proceeds go to charity!

Amazing Childcare Learning Center is a nonprofit corporation. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide childcare, which will fulfill a child’s social, psychological, cognitive and physical needs, away from their homes, where substantially all the care provided is to enable individuals to be gainfully employed. In addition we serve the community through human services programming. Programming will include but not limited to: Child, Family, and Youth Development; Family Self-Sufficiency; Financial Literacy; Transportation; Income Tax Assistance; Safety Net Services; Food Assistance; Utility Assistance; Homeless Assistance; and more.

Discover Amazing Childcare

Kevlen Goodner

Artist Demonstration

Kevlen Goodner will be at Via Colori this year doing a live drawing demonstration with the finished piece going to New Beginnings Foundation. You can find out more about Kevlen Goodner on his Facebook page.

Kevlen Goodner (The illest-Strator) is a highly skilled sequential storyteller, and technically gifted draftsman. His ability to capture gestures, along with his eye for rendering detailed human anatomy, are evident in all of his work. Kevlen is a supportive teacher of illustration, with a student list that includes both professionals and those aspiring to achieve varied artistic goals. He's co-founder of several art projects, including, Eureka! Comic Labs, Attilan Studios, and Heavy Black Design Group.

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Church services will be provided as "Word On The Water" on Sunday morning 10:30-11:30 for our visiting guests.

Thanks to the Waterfront Development Corporation!