Cosplay - October19-20, 2019

Cosplay at Via Colori

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What is cosplay? Cosplay, a contraction of the words costume and play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

Ever wanted to meet your favorite superhero or cartoon character as a child? Our cosplay guests give everyone that chance! From all over Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, our guests will be here to meet you and your kids. Stop for a photo, check out the prizes, and participate in one of the Kids’ Workshops where you can become a Super Hero yourself!

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Cosplay at Via 2019

Ohio River Valley Cosplayers & Prop Builders

Like many cosplay organizations, the ORCs love to pitch in whenever and wherever a costumed character can lend a hand. How does the group use their costumes in the service of a good cause? Well, one of the easiest ways is simply to be present at an event and let fans, young and old, stop by to say hi and take a few photos.

The ORCs group also sets up costume crafting workstations for the kids so they can learn to make masks, armor and other costume pieces as well as providing an on-site costume repair station and demonstrations from members.

“At VIA Colori, we are celebrating superheroes and I can't think of better heroes than the foster kids we are celebrating that day! To see their faces and smiles!! It is the most awesome feeling in the world!!” says ORCs member Stacy Humphreys.

To get involved, contact the Ohio River Valley Cosplayers through their Facebook page!

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2019 Via Colori Costume Contest

Saturday, Oct. 19th- 4-5 pm

Sign-ups and pre-judging will be held at the Eagle 107.7 booth , Oct. 19th. Kids must sign up by 1 pm. Adults must sign up by 3 pm, and pre-judging will begin at 3:30 pm sharp. Please arrive promptly at the booth. You will not be allowed to participate in pre-judging or the contest if you have not met the sign-up deadline. Time is limited, so contest participation spots are first-come, first-serve. You must be present to receive any awards.

The adult costume contest will be awarded the following places:

Best Craftsmanship of Costume

We want to see and honor those people who are the most diligent and meticulous in crafting their own costumes. This category will be judged most strictly on craftsmanship. Commissioned costumes are not allowed. You must have made or heavily modified at least 75% of your costume. Prepare to explain your creative process.

Best Representation of Character

This is where personality and creativity can shine a bit more. Do you really embody the character? Do you take a character and bring out something bigger and better about them? This is the category for you! Bring your best acting chops, because sometimes it’s the immersion in a character that makes a costume truly great!

Best Prop/Accessory

Sometimes a costume is about more than just what you are wearing. It is about all of the other pieces you create to make a character come together or really stand out. In this category, consideration will be given to what the props or additional intricate pieces contribute to a costume. This can be anything from a steampunk pistol to a full set of Hawkman wings. Prop pieces cannot be commissioned.

Best in Show

The best of the best! You’ve brought your A-game and really delivered the wow-factor across the board! Top prize* awarded to “Best in Show” winner at the judge’s discretion.

Our panel of judges will evaluate and assign points to each contestant on the following criteria:

– Quality of Crafting

– Creativity/Originality

– Likeness to the Character

– Showmanship on Stage

– Use of Props/Entertaining to the audience

Children’s Costume Contest
For children 12 and under the costume contest will be held at 4 p.m. Please be at the Eagle 107.7  booth no later than 3:15 p.m. to be in the costume contest. This contest will also be evaluated by the same criteria as the adults, but with consideration given to the ages and abilities of those involved.

General Rules:

1. Children must be attended by an adult.

2. As they say: No costume is NO COSTUME. Via Colori is a family-friendly environment. All costumes must be tasteful. The minimum coverage that will be allowed in the contest is a bikini. This means body paint, latex, pasties, etc. alone are not considered adequate body coverage. The judgment of what is acceptable is the sole discretion of the Via Colori Staff.

3. All contestants must be able to enter and exit the contest area safely. If you need help, you may have one handler with you.

4. Do not leave anything in the contest area. For safety reasons, things like confetti, fireworks, glitter, flash paper, rose petals, water, and other small messy objects are strictly forbidden. Food or animals (except for service animals) are not allowed in the contest. Throwing any objects into the audience is forbidden.

5. Weapons: Non-firing toy or prop weapons will be allowed at the discretion of the Costume Contest Director. All prop weapons must be demonstrated to be non-functioning to the Costume Contest Director prior to the costume contest. You may not throw or whip props around. “Live” or functioning weapons are not allowed in the costume contest. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AND/OR EVICTION.

6. You may not run/jump in the contest area or perform any other acrobatics. One foot must remain on the ground at all times. Any contestant or group that does not obey this rule will be immediately disqualified and any resulting injuries will be their responsibility.

7. All costumes, props, and enactments of characters must abide by Via Colori event regulations and guidelines.

8. Have fun! This is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you have any questions about the costume contest please contact us at info@ViaColoriKentucky.com